Sapphire Wedding

Welcome to the ideal place of starting a new life. Welcome to Zakynthos island. With its green mountain slopes, flower gardens, stunning sandy beaches and breathtaking views, the island of Zakynthos makes the perfect location to celebrate the most important day of your adult life and turn it to an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. All you have to do is decide on your wedding day and let us organise everything for you. Enjoy your wedding day without the usual stress...

Catholic Wedding

This wedding can take place in the Catholic church of St. Marcos in downtown Zakynthos. The ceremony will be conducted by an English speaking priest. The ceremony lasts about an hour. It is conducted the same way as in any Catholic church. Make sure you bring candles for the beginning of the ceremony and also choose the person who will read the bible readings. Keep in mind that there is not a choir on the island so you have the choice of either to ask the priest to bring the choir from the mainland (at an extra cost) or bring your own Cd's. Catholic weddings can be conducted on Sundays between mid June to mid September. For the rest of the season weekdays can be booked on request. In order to have a Catholic wedding at least one of the couple must be Catholic, both have to be baptised and neither of them have to be married in the past. 

Civil Wedding 

Civil weddings may take place in your nearby town hall of the resort that you are staying. The ceremony is conducted in Greek and an interpreter will translate to you in English. For  this special day you can decide upon the details of the ceremony i.e. the music to be played, the vows to be said etc. ...
Civil weddings will be conducted late afternoon and the time will be arranged according to schedule.

After both the Catholic or the Civil wedding you may choose to have a reception or not.  Bring in your ideas or listen to what your wedding consultant has to propose.  Our aim is to make your wedding day one of a kind....

Requests. For full description of wedding, documents required and rates please contact us.

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